Used Gear Deals

Here is a list of used gear up for sale, we will be updating every other week so stay posted for some new deals every week! Pictures will be up soon!!


Aeris F10 V2 Freediving Computer (Great Condition) Showroom Model: $280.00


 Hammerhead HiBred 105cm Speargun: $350.00


Andre Euro 144 ET (Great Condition): $620.00

Jakboeno Zen 110cm Speargun w/reel/line (Showroom Model): $540.00

BleuTec 145 Oceanborn Special Edition : $1,800.00


BleuTec Seal Skin Chicle 3mm Suit (L): $250.00

We are always getting stuff in from trades and what not… so hard to update here. Try contacting us and ask what you are looking for maybe we have it!

For more information and pricing feel free to write us an email or shoot us a call: