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Yakayasub Yakuza Aggressive Speargun Railgun


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Yakayasub Yakuza

         – aluminum titanium barrel

  • green 3D camo design

  • neutral buoyancy

  • stainless steel mechanism

  • stainless steel line release

  • stainless steel safety

  • stainless steel trigger

  • Ergonomic silicone comfort grip

  • inox (17-4ph stainless steel) shaft

Handle: Hi-vis Orange Ergonomic silicone comfort grip. – the most comfortable speargun handle we have ever used! Light monobloc handle is produced out of fiberglass reinforced material (270gr). Yakayasub handles are the smallest and the most durable speargun handles you can find in the market.

Barrel: Aluminum Titanium Composite barrel, Ultra strong barrel to prevent the rail from flexing. Highly resistant barrels have 85-90 brinell hardness. The integrated rail will guide your shaft the full length of the barrel. Barrels have integrated shaft guide with 2mm thickness are easy to maneuver.

Mechanism: Stainless Steel Trigger, mechanism and safety to provide high resistance and durability. A-symmetric mechanism & line release design, so the line release can be placed on either the right or left side of the speargun. Yakayasub spearguns are more poweful! Yakayasub trigger mechanism sits 10 cm further towards the rear compared to most spearguns. With a 50 cm Yakayasub speargun you have 60 cm speargun’s performance.

Stainless Steel Safety: When safety is on you can not load the trigger mechanism safety is also a guide for line release mechanism so that if your gun’s safety is on you can neither load the gun nor use the line release.

Open Muzzle: The muzzle is made from composite reinforced fiberglass and will accommodate up to three 5/8″ or 9/16″ speargun bands.

Stainless Steel Shaft: 2050 N/mm AISI 630 with tri cut tip, with yakayasub design flopper of 1mm thick.

Bands: Yakuza Aggressive spearguns have Yakayasub Extreme Bands which is 100% latex provide easy loading and fast recovery. Yakayasub Extreme Bands are 100% yakayasub production.

Wishbone: Spectra wishbones for the best strength and abrasion resistance.

Option for reel is the Yakayasub 50m Black Spearfishing Reel

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