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Tail Hunter Lobster Snare

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After a year of development and fine tuning, we have developed a snare that is the most fun and effective way to catch Florida Tail!

Keeping with the the old saying KISS (keep it simple stupid) we combined two key pieces of any lobster divers equipment. A way to tickle lobster out of their holes and a way to catch them.

It could not be any easier to use. Simply position the lobster where you want it with the tickler side, then flip the stick around, pass the snare around its tail and pull! You will find that your numbers of escaped tails will be dramatically reduced when using our product. This is because we use a self closing snare. Meaning the harder the lobster tries to swim away, the tighter the snare gets!

We combined all that with a killer anodized look that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd!

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