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Sportube Travel Cases


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Why risk damage to expensive guns, shafts, spearpoints and fins by packing them in a soft bag? The Sportube cases will protect all your gear whether you are checking it with the airlines, shipping it via FedEx/UPS or just loading it in the back of the truck. 

Three models to accommodate many lengths of spearguns and gear. Depending on the amount of gear you need to travel with, the Sportube Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 will all work for you. If it’s just for yourself, you are good with a Series 1 or Series 2. But for guided trips or to reduce the number of bags you’re using, the Series 3 is perfect for consolidating the groups gear into one Sportube. 

Sportube cases are the preferred product to protect the pros gear.

Series 1: $125.00

  • 6 5/8″w X 5 1/2″d (168mm x 140mm)

  • Adjustable in length from 48″ to 83″ (122cm to 212cm)

  • Weighs 8lbs (3.62kg)

Series 2: $175.00

  • 11″w X 6″d (280mm x 152mm)

  • Adjustable in length from 48″ to 83″ (122cm to 212cm)

  • Weighs 12lbs (5.45kg)

Series 3: $190.00

  • 14 1/2″W x 7 7/8″D (368mm x 200mm)

  • Adjustable in length from 42″ to 72″ (107cm to 183cm)

  • Weighs 14lbs (6.35kg)

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