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Spearmount Rob Allen Dual Spare Shaft Mount

$60.00 $39.95

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This SpearMount Spare Shaft Mount for a Rob Allen Speargun allows you to mount two full size extras shafts for your Rob Allen speargun. This is a two part kit that mounts on the front and rear of your gun. It holds the extra securely in place while also perfectly balancing the extra weight. It is 3D CAD Designed and Printed to use the existing factory screw holes. The kit includes 3 extra long 316 Stainless screws to mount this to your muzzle and trigger mechanism. NO DRILLING REQUIRED.

The SpearMount Light Mount IS compatible with this kit!

Please note that these will ONLY work with Rob Allen Tuna, Snapper and Carbon Spearguns due to the screw mounting locations. Please check back later for spare shaft holders for other Rail and Wood spearguns.


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