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Speared Surface Diver T-Shirt

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This shirt we call the “Surface Diver”. The photograph was taken by Natalia Rodriguez, a resident of Spain. It was taken the summer of 2011 in the Mediterranean in front of San Antonio’s bay near an islet named Conejera, a Natural Reserve. The diver is Francisco Bonilla, who is an avid spearfisherman. That particular day he managed to spear two decent sized groupers.

San Antonio’s Bay is in Ibiza, which is a small island in the Mediterranean, the crystal clear water is the result of the presence of Posidonia meadows. Ibiza is known all around the world for its nightlife, but there is much more to see including beautiful landscapes, interesting culture, and awesome sand beaches.

The picture was taken with low quality equipment that Natalia uses for underwater photography as a hobby. She dedicate myself to landscape and model photography


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