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Salvimar Voodoo Atlantis Blue Water Speargun Railgun


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Speargun with aluminum barrel and full rail, open muzzle, and a shaft of 7.5 mm Wired Atlantis capable of three band load. In continuation of the Voodoo’s success this railgun is aimed at targeting larger fish and pelagics, in a variation of sizes. 

The frame is made of a special aluminum alloy with superior mechanical performance aeronautics with integrated shaft guide. Device “break away” series is integrated on the handle. The sternal support, can be easily disengaged even in water. The stroke of the trigger is adjustable micro metrically using screw (Sensitive). The open end allowing the housing of more flexible while the special profile prevents overriding.

115cm: $300.00

125cm: $302.00

135cm: $310.00

145cm: $322.00


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