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Salvimar Vint Air Plus Pneumatic Air Speargun


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The airgun is loved by generations of spearfisher for its ease of use, compactness, ease of handling and finally for the excellent value for money. Under a classic design, Vintair hides small innovations and advanced materials, can reduce the need for maintenance and ensure long periods of intensive use. This model is without the power control (see Vintair PLUS with power control), lodges indiscriminately ø7 and ø8 mm shafts, the holes in the new lightened head are over sized for the rapid and efficient expulsion of water from the barrel. The piston ø1, 5mm and the geometry of the trigger mechanism, ensure smooth and soft stroke of the trigger. The best performance is obtained starting from precharge pressure of only 20atm! The Vintair is completed with 8mm shaft, line, handle for tightening, line and an air pump. 

If you prefer 7mm shaft let us know

50cm: $180.00

65cm: $190.00

75cm: $198.00

85cm: $205.00

100cm: $220.00

115cm: $230.00

130cm: $242.00

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