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Salvimar Salvi Blade Shaft 6.25mm-7mm


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Blade shaft Spring SS 174Ph – 3 pins 1 settled barb Type of use: the Blade shaft can be used on the arbalete gun with open muzzle Pins: optimized angle of inclination, small diameter, small protrusion from the shaft section, give an high coefficent of penetration through the water Material: 174Ph stainless steel. After the thermic treatment it assumes a burnished color. Material with excellent mechanical characteristics , often used in naval and aerospace applications

110cm for 70cm Speargun: $38.00

120cm for 80cm Speargun: $42.00

130cm for 90cm Speargun: $46.00

140cm for 100cm Speargun: $50.00

150cm for 110cm Speargun: $50.00

160cm for 120cm Speargun: $52.00

170cm for 130cm Speargun: $55.00

Shaft will fit OMER, Rob Allen, Picasso, Hammehead, Salvimar, Riffe Euro, Spetton, Beuchat, etc.

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