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Salvimar LED Torch Flashlight


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Powerful and compact dive light, ideal for spearfishing. Polycarbonate body, aluminum ring dissipator, synthetic anti-oxidation reflector parabola. Use a single CREE 3W Q5 LED, able to release 340 lumens (about 7000 lux at 1 m), concentrated beam (XR-E LED size) with a color temperature of 6000K. Powered by 4 1.5 V AA batteries or AA rechargeable batteries (2700mAh), autonomy 5 hours or up to 17 hours with intermittent switching (60 sec on, 180 sec off).
• Watertight up to 50 m, magnetic switch.
• Autonomy and performances can vary depending on the batteries used.
• CREE 3W Q5 LED with aluminum dissipator
• Batteries not included


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