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Red Tide Spearfishing Reel 35m 50m 70m 100m


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RedTide Speargun Reels are a great reel for spearfishing. Available in several sizes from reels that hold 30, 50, 70 & 100 meters of spectra. The drag system on these reels has been beefed up and provide much better drag than stock Rob Allen Reels. Whether you’re using it on a wood speargun or a Rob Allen Speargun, this reel goes on easy and fast. It slips right onto your Rob Allen speargun in seconds with no modifications needed. We also include a low profile, QUICK ON/OFF Adapter Plate if you are using this fine reel on a wood gun for easy installation.

35m: $59.00

50m: $69.00

70m: $89.00

100m: $109.00

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