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Pathos Laser Open Pro Speargun Railgun


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The evolution of the rifle Pathos, the Laser Open Pro comes with ergonomic D’angelo 2 for left and right handed. Just grab one and you can make the idea of the precision and the sense of mastery that gives this weapon. It’s a rifle for the most demanding, with trigger and all steel mechanism polished and very smooth shot.

Thought for spearfishing experts, the speargun comes standard with a shaft of 6.75 mm Sandvik and 2 shark fins 16mm circular bands, so it has a powerful and accurate shot. The head is modeled Open. The piece that engages the nylon, like all the Pathos, is hidden to add style and stealth. The aluminum tube is 26 to 28.5 mm with integral guide.

The tube is applied a special treatment that hardens and gives a roughness to the touch, like a shark’s skin and makes it very manageable to harsh open water elements.┬áPathos Reel options are also available, 50m standard


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