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OMER Excaliber Sport 90cm Speargun

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The Excalibur Sport spear gun series is the evolution of Omersub classic Excalibur speargun which was first introduced on the market at the end of the 1990s. The Sport features a shaft made in PR80 steel and standard wishbone. The most important improvement on the Excalibur spearguns, compared to their predecessor, is certainly the muzzle which has been derived from the aluminum made muzzle developed for the Alluminum speargun. The muzzle has been reinforcedin some parts but has maintained the same basic advantages. Having used Nylon 66with 50% fiber glass to inject mold this part, we were able to not compromise its structure and still maintain the hydrodynamics of the aluminum made muzzle.

The muzzle features a small stainless steel clip inserted in the bottom part. This clip allows the reel line to pass through after shooting, without any interference. The assembly on the barrel is done with a pin manufactured in a highly technical plastic material called Grivory GV5H. This material allows the pin to be as resistant as metal pin but avoiding the usual oxidation. The triggering mechanism is the classic Omersub Frictionless Release. Thanks to a small wheel working on the trigger, the release of shafts is very smooth and precise. The mechanism also features an automatic line releaser. As an alternative to the automatic system, the line can also be positioned on the bottom of the handle in the more classic crocodile mouth. Finally, the handle also features a guide for plastic and aluminum reels. The Excalibur features a 28 mm dia. anodized aluminum barrel in the dimensions indicated. On the barrel, you will find an adjustable plastic shaft guide which is usually positioned closer to the handle, to increase the shooting precision.


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