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Nautilus Ombre Pro Yamamoto Freedive Spearfishing Wetsuit 3mm-7mm




The Nautilus Ombre Pro offers great advantage at darker environments, with its black and brown heavy camouflage pattern.

Neoprene Yamamoto® 39 100% Chloropren Rubber has a density of 0.13 gr/cm3, insulation factor of 7.72×10-5 cal/cm/sec and stretches up to 520% before breaking. This equips the Ombre Pro with extra durability under pressure, additional insulation and comfort compared to other rubber foam of same thickness. 

Jersey Fabric Woven of microfiber polyester and Invista Lycra®, jersey fabric used in the making of Nautilus Ombre Pro provides great elastic stretch in every direction and holds minimum amount of water with its silky texture. The camo pattern printed on the raw fabric with UV resistant colors of 4-5 fastness, preventing the colors from fading and the fabric from turning white when stretched. 

Chest Pad The new rubber chest pad is reinforced with 3mm neoprene in the inside, and with its flexibility and pieced assortment provides gun-cocking comfort. The pad is heat processed and then sown on the suit. 

Sleeves All sleeves are finished with the jersey fabric rolling into the suit. This prevents unraveling and minimizes water circulation inside the suit. All suits come with reinforced with Supratex Jersey on the elbow and knee guards.

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3mm: $235.00

5mm: $265.00

7mm: $285.00

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