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Nautilus Kelp Camo Carbon Spearfishing Freedive Fins


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Nautilus Kelp Pro Carbon Camo blades are handcrafted to the same standards as all our Nautilus equipment. By adding new technology to our carbon blades we have glassed a variety of camo designs into the back side of the blade camouflaging you while lying on the bottom of the reef or artificial structures. This helps add a fully camouflaged effect in combination with a camo wetsuit while keeping the classic carbon weave on the front. The blades measure 80cm x 20cm wide and come with a 21* angle and can fit nearly any pocket out there, if unsure email us for fitment details as we can mount on other pockets if preferred.


Available in medium/soft and medium/hard stiffness levels. If you are up to 180lbs or so the medium soft should be solid standard choice if closer to 200lbs or more the medium/hards will be the better standard choice. Ultimately it is preference and how hard you want to work to push the fins.  


We have added a low profile rail to maintain light feel of the blade and proper flex with snap, by accomplishing this they can mount to nearly any pocket tendon while still channeling the water after the edge. Lateral movement is also very simple and easy with this setup. Come with 2 Year Warranty against manufacturer defects.   


Blades: $225.00

Combo: $315.00


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