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Nautilus 100% Pure Carbon Biaxial Freedive Spearfishing Fins


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We have partnered with DEEP APNEA to produce the latest Nautilus series carbon fins are now being produced in 100% pure carbon and have upgraded the weave even tighter to improve upon impact resistance. These quality carbon blades, made from the hand-laminated carbon, processed in molds under vacuum have surpassed their previous model in nearly every aspect. These blades are very durable and have excellent response and snap to propel the diver with supreme ease.  

The blades are available currently in a Soft-Medium stiffness which is overall ideal for most divers out there and all depths. If you feel that you may be to light or too heavy give us a call and we can cross check with you. 

The blades also have full-length rubber rails for protection and stability throughout your kicking transitions. This helps while surface swimming and depth diving. The angle on the blade is at 22* which helps make a more natural flex of the blade while going through kick cycles.

Current Stiffness Available:  Soft-Medium

Warranty: 18 months 

Size: 80cm x 20cm

Choose your desired footpocket options, and we will mount and assemble them for you!

– Hammerhead Kaudal Pockets

– Pathos Pockets


“These fins are awesome!! Got rid of my c4’s.”Patrick Page

“I got to try them out in action and I can honestly say that these are great fins at a great price!”   Ben Choi

“Very durable and great performance! Thank you so much, these fins are sweet!!” Paul O’Swath

If you would like another pocket combo feel free to contact us for quote and checkout.

$325.00 w/Pathos Pockets (Call us or Email for Sizing, once glued they are married)

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