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Nautilus 1.5mm Murana Blue Spearfishing Wetsuit


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We are now offering our wetsuits in a lighter thickness to accommodate more tropic temperatures and summer time diving! We are still using Jako neoprene with a better stitching and super stretchy jersey fabric.

No need to lube to put this suit on. It is closed cell inside using ultrastretch material on the lycra. 

 Pick whichever camo you like Murana Blue or Mantis Chrome

The new 1.5mm suits are more comfortable than the previous 1.8mm and much stretchier. They feel much lighter for tropic summer waters. 

With a marble style camo you will hunt your adversary while blending in with the environment. You can view the size chart right here!


Only sizes available currently XXl, 3XL, 4XL

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