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Meandros Vertical Fire Spearfishing Reel


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Τhe brother of Mitos reel makes its appearance with the name FIRE with about 15% more line capacity without increasing its negative buoyancy, reducing the static structure. It is made of stainless steel which is hardened for resistance in harsh use and protection during transportation. Also the level has a unique patented system which pre-sets the flow resistance during unwinding, when the automatic brake has already released the drum. The automatic brake is pierced so the line goes though after the shaft, securing in this way, the withholding of the line and brake on the reel. It is produced in 9 sizes so as to cover even the most demanding users.

Line is optional would include 1.8mm dyneema

30m  1: $86.00

40m  2: $96.00

50m  3: $112.00

70m  4: $128.00

85m  5: $138.00

110m  6: $155.00

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