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Jakboeno Zen Teak Wooden Speargun


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The Zen series is created using fine quality Myanmar Teak timber not kiln dried in order to preserve the natural oil of the trees and thus enable durability. The triple laminated timber, after a certain time period, is hand-crafted into the spear gun. The shaft guide is strengthened and made slick with epoxy resine which provides protection against possible damage. The three magnets embedded in the shaft guides of the Zen Series speargun keep the spear in place while the gun is cocked in water, gaining time and advantage for the hunter and minimize the ballistic errors, enabling accuracy of 10-14 cm groupments from 3-4 meters distance. The single circular sandowed models come with a standard 19.00 mm sandow.  In double circular sandowed models, 15.50 mm and 17.50 mm sandows are available.  All sandows have traditional amber and black color choices. The wishbones are crafted of resine-covered, antistatic, unflexible and long-enduring 2.00 mm jacard cords. Shaft cords are made of threaded polyester much more durable than the standard monofilamet nylon cords.

The two pieced trigger mechanism can be used with standard spears. The silicon pin on the hammer and Delrin® O rings enable the trigger mechanism to operate in absolute silence. All parts of metal are made of Polished Ni-Cr AISI 316 Locktite® industrial adherent is used in screwing. The inner form of the reel made of Delrin® and polyethylene is shaped especially not to damage the reel cord. The reel mechanism is designed to release the cord when it is subjected to a force greater than 2.00 kilograms minimizing the risk of loosing the spear gun to the rapid movements of the strong prey. The handle is covered with nonslip material to allow comfortable grip in different positions.With their original design and buoyancy close to neutral, the Zen Series wooden spearguns ensure a great underwater hunting experience.Zen90, Zen90D, Zen100, Zen100D and Zen110D are brought to the customes ready to be used with shark fin shafts, circular sandows, reel and reel cord, two spare wishbone cords,  three sleeves, a spare shaft cord and a shaft remover.

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