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Jakboeno Smart Camu Railgun Speargun


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Camouflaged railgun resistant to shocks and scratches
Duraluminium railed barrel, enable an appropriate shooting performance on long range, and prevents bending of the barrel also with power of heavy band pressure.

Shaft is a polished spring steel pin tab that are specially designed to prevent wearing-out of the dyneema wishbones. The reel comes already pre-mounted and spooled with 250lbs spectra. The band configuration changes varying on the size of the gun, anything 90cm and under is a single 20mm band and anything above that is a 2x16mm setup. We can customize if you phone us an order. 

Despite the resilient layering of the paint coating on this gun they can be prone to chipping with rough hits against most hard surfaces, so please try to watch out for that since this is not covered under the speargun’s warranty. 

All guns come with polished spring steel shafts 17-4ph and 50m reel spooled with line

Open muzzle

Composite duraluminum railed 28mm Ø barrel
5 stage water proof stoppers in the barrel.
Ergonomic handle made of 6.6 nylon reinforced with fiberglass. Layered with a raw material to prevent slipping.
Open head made of 6.6 nylon, reinforced with fiberglass. 
Double component 20 mm Ø round sandows.
Corde wishbone. 
Two piece, silent triger mechanism suitable for different rubber thickness. 
6.50 mm AISI 630 (17-4ph) stainless steel shark fin spear

1.35 mm callenge cordage fishline and clips

Reel mounting apparatus

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