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IST Fathom Blue Freedive Fins

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IST’s Fathom Blue is a powerful long-blade full-foot fin purpose-built for freediving. The foot pocket is made from 100 percent rubber, yet offers multiple densities to provide some areas with supple softness for comfort, and others with rigidity for maximum control, durability and spring. The fin’s modular design lets you choose the blade that best matches your personal kicking style. The black blade is the stiffest, offering the most feedback and lots of thrust. The gray blade is more flexible, allowing for more propulsion with less effort. Blades can be easily switched using just a screwdriver. The Fathom Blue is designed to be worn barefoot or with neoprene socks. The Bottom Line: A comfortable foot pocket combined with a 24-inch blade equals plenty of efficient kicking power.

Available in Yellow (soft/medium) and Red (medium/hard) blades


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