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Innerloc SP3 Harpoon Spearfishing Slip Tip

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Innerloc’s new line of SP3™ spearfishing points reflect the attitude of perfection you find in every Innerloc® product. Our new point, closes to the size of a penny for fast penetration and far less plane while traveling through the water. After the shot, SP3™ Points open to an unmatched 2 3/4-inch diameter (larger than the size of a smokeless tobacco can!) for more holding power than any competitive point. Best of all, the entire point rides behind a completely new, patent pending tip, designed to “grab-and-slice” through the first scale it touches and create less damage on pass through for better hold on the retrieve. Plus, the tip houses a special vibration dampening “insert” that eliminates tips loosening during the hunt. In testing, SP3™ Points outperform short tipped, lighter heads in penetration and holding power! Reduced deflection on impact, less underwater plane, cleaner penetration, incredible “snuff can” sized holding power, full stainless steel onstruction and solid-seat vibration dampening in the tip.


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