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HexSkin Sea Grass 8oz Spearfishing Lycra

$180.00 $151.00



The new line of Sea Grass camo was created by our Team after one year of working on developing a perfect pattern for warm water hunting. The HexSkin print is extremely effective at breaking up the silhouette and giving a spearfisherman an added advantage.
The HexSkin Dual Camo is ideal for both Bluewater and Reef hunting.

Our heavy Lycra is a full wetsuit with attached hood and back pocket with zipper to carry a flashlight or any other small accessories and in addition to camouflaging the hunter, it also provides UV 50+ sun, jellyfish and fire coral protection.
This HexSkin wetsuit also features 3.5 mm chest loading pad, and see through elbow and knee pads; flatlock stitching.



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