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Headhunter Showstopper Slip Tip

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After a lot of requests, we have decided to offer a package deal on our tip system. The SHOWSTOPPER Tip Kit for 6mm polespears is a complete package for people who want to use our amazing polespear tip on a non-headhunter spear. This kit includes the following

  • SHOWSTOPPER slip tip rigged with cable

  • SHOWSTOPPER injector rod

  • 6mm adapter kit

This kit is a complete aftermarket slip tip system for any 6mm polespear. Just slide on the rubber retention band then screw on your tip. Done. You now have the world’s best pole spear tip on you favorite pole spear(SeaStinger, JBL, Ray Odor, Christ, the list goes on). 

And the best part is that it is modular. If you want a new slip tip, you can buy is seperately. the same goes for the injector rod or the 6mm adapter. so if you loose or break part of the tip, you don’t have to pay for an entire Tip Kit, just the part you need.


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