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Headhunter Guerrilla Spearfishing Sling 2.0


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The Guerrilla sling 2.0 is the most advanced Hawaiian sling in the market. We have created a sling so different, so powerful, and so easy to use that we almost don’t even want to call it a sling. Its more like a “Trigger-less Speargun”.The newest version of the Guerrilla sling is made from Burmese Teak and is more hydrodynamic and buoyant than the last version. These changes improve the feel of the sling underwater and make side to side tracking easier. The added buoyancy also allows the sling to float with a large reel so now you do not have to worry about fighting a fish and trying to hold on to a sinking sling at the same time.

Headhunter designed and patented a band configuration that moves the attachment point of the bands forward. The new band position aids to increase the band stretch by 33% on a six foot tall person and up to 40 – 60% on women and kids compared to a traditional sling. More band pull means translates to a faster shaft that will carry more power!

The Guerrilla sling was especially designed to allow the user to mount a reel on the sling and attach reel line directly to a shaft. The ability of staying connected to your shaft at all times has allowed sling users to shoot Hawaiian slings where it was not previously possible. This set up has allowed people to shoot fish in blue water, murky conditions, and deeper than ever before.

Another added benefit of the Guerrilla sling is the way it is held. Unlike pistol grips, where all the pressure and torque is transferred to your wrist, the Guerrilla sling creates a natural grip and shifts all the force to your forearm. This decreases the amount of shaking, improves tracking, and enhances accuracy.


Length = 11 in

Width = 1.82

Height = 3.25


  • 1X Guerrilla Sling with the Teak Body
  • 1X Speed Cup
  • 2X Band Plugs
  • 1X Band Plug Tool
  • 1X Power band

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