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Headhunter BAMF Lobster Spearfishing Gloves

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Almost 2 years ago, long time friend Cameron Kirkconnell and I were discussing the need for a glove designed for the type of diving that so many of us in Florida and the Caribbean do. We need a grip that works well on a polespear when its wet. We wanted good dexterity so we could actually use our fingers to perform detailed tasks such as untangling reel line or removing a slip tip. We wanted a cut proof glove so we wouldn’t slice our hands when we were chumming a whole fish, and we wanted not only palm protection, but armor for the top sides of our hands so we could reach deep into caves and holes with confidence. And after years of prototypes and tweaks, we finally have our gloves. The BAMF glove. 

The BAMF glove is a woven kevlar glove with industrial cut resistance. We are using a palm coating that we found works great for holding loaded polespears. We have flexible rubber over-molding on the topsides to help protect against rocks, lobsters, and even fish gills. And we left the rubber off of the triggers fingers so the glove wont interfere with your hunting.

So next time you are ready for a new pair of spearfishing gloves, make sure you check out the Headhunter BAMF gloves! Available in XS-XXL.


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