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Hatch Uku Mid-Handle Series Speargun

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Hatch Mid-Handle Series Speargun – Model UKU


  • Overall Length – 152CM 60IN

  • Shaft – 9/32x63in three tabs

  • Bands – 2X5/8X28  3X5/8X28

Starting off as a single piece of teak Hatch Custom Spear Guns undergo many transformations, as they become one of the most accurate and easy to use spearguns on the market today! Hatch Mid-Handle speargun series include a fully enclosed graphite-epoxy “HATCH TRACK” allowing the gun to be powered up with increased bands without the possibility of shaft whip. This channels the static energy of the bands where it needs to be, preventing the shaft from flexing and effecting accuracy, making the gun deadly accurate with the ability to free-shaft! Only the finest hardware is used with true attention-to-detail craftsmanship! With the comfort and smoothness of customized Alexander handles and triggers, made with stainless steel components, Hatch Custom Spear Guns can change its owner into a master of their surroundings, capable of taking down any fish within reach.

The “UKU” is a tasty but a more difficult fish to capture. Typically found in deeper waters and sometimes keeping its distance, the “UKU” may need a little more attention to be landed. Some people use chum while others depend upon stealth. Although, nothing works better to land “UKUS” than a custom “UKU” speargun. The “UKU” speargun is a 60 inch long range weapon delivering accurate shots from 15 to 20 feet away. Born in Hawaii, this custom hand made speargun starts as a simple piece of teak then undergoes a transformation as a stainless steel trigger mechanism, Alexander handle, stainless steel hardware, loading pad, reel mount for future upgrades, a custom taper from handle to the hand crafted muzzle (housing up to 3 bands) and a polished teak oil finish are added.


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