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Hatch Amero 115cm Offshore Enclosed Track Speargun

$850.00 $650.00

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Amero Series Model 115cm OFFSHORE


  • Overall Length – 140CM 55IN

  • Shaft – addiction spears tricut double floppers 9/32x58in two tabs

  • Bands –  2 x 5/8 bands by 26IN

  • Blue tracks and Blue handles

Introducing the AMERO SERIES!! Built by Mike Hatcher and designed by Jerry Guerra Jr ! The AMERO SERIES is a combination of the proven Euro gun designs mixed with the proven American gun designs. They have a rear-handled design, similar to the Euro styles, with a 1.5” extension for easier loading and an oval shaped barrel (Euro) for maximum strength and tracking capabilities. The AMERO SERIES has an enclosed “HATCH TRACK”  (American) for incredible accuracy! The muzzle of the gun is ready for loop style bands (American) with soft cord wishbones to prevent finger and hand injuries, much safer than the older Euro style metal wishbones. This series accepts American shafts with fin tabs to make loading simple, not to mention the ability to use interchangeable shafts for both styles of guns! Combining the best of both styles of spearguns.

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