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SDU-X1-half_mid-small (1)

Hammerhead X1 Evolution Speargun Railgun


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The neXt 1. In keeping with the HammerHead tradition of the speargun accuracy the X1 leaps to the next era in innovation. The X1’s accuracy originates with its recoil reducing elliptical cross sectioned barrel shaped like the head of a bonnethead shark with parallel band channels and a deep V-track extruded in. The X1 also features the HammerHead Torxion mechanism with 100% stainless steel parts.

– Elliptical barrel cross section in the shape of a bonnet head shark head, mitigates recoil. – Deep V track and parallel band channels for precise targeting. – Torxion Mech with full stainless steel internals – Can be rigged with either HammerHead Oxide or 17-4 Stainless Shafts.

Sizes Available:

70 cm: $335.00

90 cm: $345.oo

110 cm: $355.00

130 cm: $365.00

140 cm: $375.00

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