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Hammerhead Patella Dive Knife

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The largest of Hammerhead’s line of knives, including the Cranium, Ulna, Patella, and Ilium. These knives are named after the bone they are meant to be worn closest to. The Patella, then, is designed to be worn on the leg, but can be worn anywhere on the body.

Hammerhead’s proprietary processes create a very sharp, lightweight and durable knife. The blade is constructed from Stainless Steel, with a hardness of 55-56HRC. The knife is low-profile and designed to be worn close to the body, eliminating  “line traps” and minimizing drag.

The largest knife in the line is the “Patela“, which incorporates a hardened butt, useful for those times you need a hammer as well as a knife. At 154 g (5.43 oz) and 12 cm (4.72″) in length, this knife is the the most “universal” dive knife in the lineup.


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