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Hammerhead Benthos Black 1.5mm 3mm Freedive Spearfishing Wetsuit




New All Black Benthos is made with top of the line YAMAMOTO 39 neoprene, maximizing warmth and flexibility. Each Benthos™ Wetsuit is anatomically cut for breath-hold divers to increase flexibility in the chest allowing greater lung capacity. Seems are glued and blind-stitched making them impervious to water intrusion. Lycra edging is used around the wrists, and ankles, and reinforced beaver tail cuffs to prevent tearing. This 2 piece wetsuit features a ‘Farmer John’ style pants for men and high waist for women. Attached jacket to hood further increase warmth and comfort. BENTHOS Black Open Cell Wetsuits are made with 100% Yamamoto Neoprene making it the top choice for performance and warmth. 

You will need to lube the westuit to put on since it open cell. 

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1.5mm: $195.00

3mm: $209.00


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