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Hammerhead BENTHOS 3mm – 7mm OPEN CELL DEEP REEF BENTHOS Wetsuit


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BENTHOS OPEN CELL DEEP REEF BENTHOS from the Greek noun βένθος “depths of the sea”. Organisms that live or hunt near the bottom of the seafloor or the benthic zone.

BENTHOS™ Open Cell Wetsuits by HammerHead Spearguns are specifically designed for toughness and durability while hunting benthic zone’s reefs and rocks. Durable construction of anti-compression neoprene laminated with the Deep ReefTM camouflage pattern and fully glued, blind stitched, and fully finished with Lycra edging.

Rugged Strong PadTM reinforcements encase the forearms, knee and crotch areas to prolong the life of the suit. BENTHOS Open Cell Wetsuits are designed for harsh use, coral, rocks, and abuse.

SIZE HEIGHT WEIGHT XS 5’2-5’6 115-135 lbs. S 5’5-5’7 130-155 lbs. M 5’6-5’9 140-165 lbs. L 5’7-5’1 1160-180 lbs. XL 5’9-6’1 175-195 lbs. XXL 6’0-6’2 190-210 lbs. 3XL 6’1-6’3 205-225 lbs. 4XL 6’2-6’4 220-245 lbs.

3mm: $278.00

7mm: $408.00

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