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Captain Nemo Freedive Footpockets


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For those of us who have been frustrated over the lack of good quality footpockets on the market, you can now relax…..Luckily enough a wise man from Ukraine has bought the original Sporasub mold and recipe and start making these footpockets again!

I have been lucky enough try these new NEMO footpockets and I just can’t say enough about them. For the first time I can feel what a Carbon blade is supposed to feel like! My Omer footpocket rails were too stiff…preventing me to get full functionality out of my Spetton CF 78cm carbon blades. These pockets are specifically engineered to make the transfer of power between blade and foot optimal. Lets the blade do the job it is supposed to!

Don’t take my word for it, Here is a quote from Martin Stepanek (the first man to 400ft.), after he used these Footpockets. (NEMO is the same company who makes Martins Monofin footpockets and blades for his World Record Dives.


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