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C4 Urukay 120cm Speargun

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Urukay 120  is a Carbon fiber no joint construction speargun by C4.  It’s ideal use is Blue water hunting for trophy fish using shafts from 7 to 8 mm dia, in lengths from 60″ to 70″ depending on the chosen diameter  and the rigging needs. With a weight of approximately 8 pounds without shaft, It can hold up to 4 9/16 bands or can be used with two strong 17.5 mm bands to expedite recharging time when needed. It has a patented balancing system that allows to add weights to the tip of the gun to reach the perfect and desired balance for the highest ease of moving it in the water and for minimizing recoil. As in any C4 speargun the size of the handle can be adapted to the user’s hand.

Gun includes: 2- Shafts, one hawaiian 7mm, and one threaded 7.5mm. 2- 18mm bands. 2- Metal articulated wishbones (for tying to the bands). 1- Reel (no line). 1- Balancing weights for the muzzle.


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