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C4 Skorpio Speeder Fins


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Speeder 190 are composite blades suitable for those who try for the first time the superior caratheristics of this tecnology. The tecnical solutions adopted allow an easier adaption to the finning style required by carbon fiber fins. It will anyway be similar to traditional plastic material but with distinclty superior results.

Speeder 190 are carbon blades made for traditional footpokets, dedicated to spearfishing.

The lamination is completly made in carbon fiber, made for the 47% in T300 tissue and for the last 53% in T700 tissue.

Speeder 190 measures are 784×190 mm, their slim widith consents an effective, ergonomic and very fast swim.

Thanks to the progressive stratification, Speeder 190 show underwater a parabolic curve.

The water rails are straight, 12 mm high. The angle between foot and blade is more than 24°.

For the assembly it is suggested the use of a bostik glue or a neoprenic one.

Blades: $289.99

w/Delta One Pockets: $399.99

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