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C4 Mustang HT Freediving Carbon Fins

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C4 Mustang-HT Blades (pair)

The continuous evolution of the project C4 Mustang led today in its 5th evolution, fins  MUSTANG-HT . made with the new carbon Hypertech “BigSquare” prepregs and the new graphics, the  MUSTANG-HT is the most advanced proposal  C4 for spearfishing. 

The new carbon  Hypertech “BigSquare”  used for the construction of the blades, allowing an optimized composite, more compact, with less intersections and minimal undulations of the fibers thus minimizing the dispersions of energy. This makes these fins more responsive, robust and minimum effort in use. The sea is their field of action, not the static pools. Descents, ascents, waves and currents are the biggest obstacles for the fisherman in apnea, the MUSTANG-HT  were born for this. The only essential, born of thousands of hours of studies, tests and trials, the MUSTANG-HT nothing is left to chance or custom.  The advanced concepts behind the design Mustang make a real difference, as always in every implementation, the materials are only part of the result, the real difference is in how they are used. The flap of the terminal makes MUSTANG -HT fins geared towards maximum speed, consistent with the needs of the action of spearfishing. The new blades coupled to shoes C4 , anatomical and preformed 3rd, bring the actual inclination between foot and blade well to 32 ° total for yield and fluidity of kicking otherwise unattainable. In order to best use all the energy, the MUSTANG-HT apply the force on the blade from under the metatarsus, the natural strength. It ‘can be applied to the blades so great strength with minimum effort, this is the real heart of the system MUSTANG-HT that the new angle of 32 ° makes it incredibly powerful.  Thanks to shoes anantomiche C4 , the energy loss due to the play between the foot and shoe, it is at least possible. The efficiency goes pursued everywhere if you want maximum performance and anatomical shoes are the best solution to it. The blades MUSTANG-HT in the shoe extend until heel allowing an ‘excellent energy transmission. Over 25 years of studies, world record and experience are pouring into bending the blades of the MUSTANG-HT double curvature parabolic DPC (Double Parabolic Curve) third generation, now evolved and optimized by a wise lamination of carbon layers appropriately sized and arranged. The MUSTANG-HT  are equipped with water rails shaped crumple EVO patented by C4. The water rails EVO , with new profile vaiabile that better channels the water on the blades making a partial effect “tunnel” in the terminal portion. This effect greatly improves the detachment of fluid stripes from the blade, minimizing the turbulence of their water rails constant. The water that leaves the blade, is contained and directed straight from the exclusive EVO , to the advantage of speed. It ‘easy to understand that at equal energy used, the greater the volume of water worked (high water rails) the greater the boost you get. A guarantee of durability the water rails EVO are made of an elastomer anti wear. Even the renewed flap optimizes the final detachment of the fluid threads from the blade minimizing the harmful vortices precisely in the sections of the maximum velocity of the fluid. Contrary to what is believed, the terminal form a flap avoids more easily contacts with the shoal in sprawls necessarily required by the action of fishing. The HT-MUSTANG blades have deliberately symmetrical, given the much higher mechanical and hydrodynamic efficiency of this solution completely devoid of energy losses and higher mechanical stress of flexion torsion typical of a possible asymmetry of shape. Less unnecessary stresses also guarantee a higher durability of the composite. The asymmetry is present where best expresses its function, or in shoes anatomical preformed. The blades MUSTANG-HT  are 100% TR50 carbon prepregs , strongest fiber of 40% compared to the standard, they combine a strength of excellence to a higher actual elasticity. The use of carbon Hypertech “BigSquare” TR50 prepregs , significantly reduces the number of crossings of weaving and the undulation of the yarn, the primary causes of the absorption of energy during flexing of the fins.  The blades of the MUSTANG-HT are linked to shoes with a simple plug-locked with two special anti-loosening screws, ensuring the mechanical seal and transmission of energy. If necessary for transport, the MUSTANG-HT , as all fins C4 that take our shoes anatomic preformed, are easily removable, thereby reducing clutter and with it the main cause of damage, for example in air transport.

The blades the MUSTANG-HT measuring 855 x 200 mm (33.66″x 7.87″)

The angle of the blades is 29 ° + 3 ° preforming shoe anatomical = 32 ° tilt-foot real shovel.

The MUSTANG-HT are available in five sizes of shoes anatomical, 39 / 40 – 41/42 – 43/44 – 45/46 – 47/48 .

The blades are produced in three levels of stiffness, 25 (soft) 30 (medium) and 40 (hard). European sizes: 39/40 – 41/42 – 43/44 – 45/46 – 47/48 US / Canada sizes : 7-7½ – 8-8½ – 11½ – 12 – 13-13½ UK sizes: 6½-7 – 7½-8 – 8½-10 – 11-11½ – 12½-1 

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