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C4 Mr. Dark Speargun


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To double the mass in order to create greater manageability: this is Mr.DARK !!! With its special shape with two strongly differentiated volumes, Mr.DARK combines stability and manageability. The important rear mass stabilizes the speargun and, at the same time, creates the fulcrum for the precise movements required for hunting action.

Handling and aligning the speargun has never been simple and easy but with Mr.DARK, thanks to its important mass, it has a stable position that facilitates alignment. At the basis of the creation of Mr. DARK lies full use of the construction possibilities given by the carbon fiber worked using the tested pressure C4 moulding system and NJC (No Joint Construction) high temperature. A similar result would be practically impossible to achieve using any other material or moulding system. In the meantime, in order to achieve stability and manageability, the structure should have a specific weight that may vary from one section to another and a very important differential between the two volumes.
For example a full structure, made from low resistance material and the waterline would oblige the front portion to volumes of approximately 4 times higher with a proportional reduction in the operative possibilities in the water. Carbon fiber is not a limit, but using it is a huge advantage.

Thinking about this, these extremely differentiated double volume shapes, as in the case of Mr. DARK, can be found in so many things and first of all in nature. They are required to make something stable and manageable. Two examples over everything: an animal such as a swan and a F1, so different yet so similar. Both of them have two main volumes, the greater rear mass and a decisive front extension required for directional functionality as well as use. In both cases, the speed and precision of movement of the masses are based on the differential between the two volumes. The thin front portion is moved, pivoting on the stable rear position, as in the case of Mr. DARK.

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