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C4 Mr. Carbon Speargun

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All C4 Mr.Carbon Spearguns include reel without line. Reel is manufactured of reinforced nylon with a capacity of 55 mtrs/180 ft. Extremely fast and light. All C4 Mr.Carbon Spearguns include reel without line. Reel is manufactured of reinforced nylon with a capacity of 55 mtrs/180 ft. Extremely fast and light. This speargun comes equipped with a TORSION2 fin shaft, one set of bands, dynema wishbone, and kit for adaptation of the handle.

Seeing, approaching, lining up and shooting: this is the unavoidable sequence in spearfishing. Accepting this sequence first consideration is how much, for most part in spearfishing, is movement: the diver, the fish, all is constant change.

To control these movements is the founding stone for a successful spearfishing action, done in freediving and so in a limited time.

If the gun is not properly lined up all its ballistic capabilities are nothing.

The first feature in a good gun therefore becomes the versatility, meaning the ability to easily and quickly adapt to the unavoidable and swift changes in spearfishing actions.

During a dive the spearfisher does not move easily because he/she is immersed in a fluid where it’s not easy to attain a precise and stable positioning. He/she “floats” more or less widely in the environment, executing only half controlled movements, depending a great deal from his/her abilities and from equipment operability.

The diver movement is controlled only partially because the fluid where he/she is immersed is neither stable at all nor fixed: waves and marine currents complicate every movement. The intensity of all these natural events can reach such a level that the dive is impossible. Consequently this is a really important issue.

The targets also, the fish, it’s unlikely they are still. When they seems they are they’re instead in a brief phase hastily interrupted with a fin movement.

For managing at the best all these unavoidable situations and achieve the last phase in that fishing sequence, the split second before the activation of the trigger, it’s necessary for the equipment to be well adapted to diver’s requirement, with a fast and simple control. Ergonomics focused toward an aim and not toward a single detail.

The ergonomics of an underwater gun it’s not only that of the handle, but it has to be referred to the equipment in its fullness. It’s the equipment it has to adjust to the diver, not the other way around. It has not to require adaptations and/or unusual movements for functioning, only simplicity and spontaneity.

For this reason C4 guns does not have shapes limiting easy movements in a single direction. This effect is typically there for example in guns with flat-shaped barrels, allowing mainly a movement in a single direction to the detriment of a multiple direction spearfishing action.

The C4 planning philosophy finds its maximum expression in the Mr.Carbon, effortless, fast and accurate in its movements like no other gun can be.

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