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The Joker 410 is a speargun whose length can be adjusted in 4 different sizes, from 95 cm to 110 cm in 5 cm intervals. These adjustments have to be done outside the water using  2 screws below the gun to stabilize the telescopic barrel. The balancing of the gun requires the use of a pre molded floating material inside the empty, rear,  part of the barrel.

The Gun includes: 1- Reel (no line) 1- Shaft 6.5mm hawaiian. 1- Band material for two bands. 2- Metal articulated wishbones.

The ideal balancing is achieved as follows: 95 cm  = no float = 130 cm shaft 100 cm = 5 cm float = 135 or 140 cm shaft 105 cm = 10 cm float = 140 cm shaft 110 cm = 15 cm float = 150 cm shaft Shafts diameters can go from 6 to 7 mm, depending on local needs and type of fishing,  with the suggested size being 6.5 mm.

The gun can accept from 1 to 3 circular bands and the suggested setting is with 2 x 16 mm bands of appropriate length for the chosen length of the gun. The right length of  a circular band  for a given speargun can be obtained by adding 4 to 5 cm , or 2 inches, to the standard size of a set of screw on bands. As an exemple, if for a 100 cm gun we use 26 cm screw on bands, the circular band for the same size speargun will be 26 + 26 + 4 = 56 cm

Suggested band lengths for  Superelax 16 mm circular bands : Joker 110  =  59 cm + 56 cm    or     24 inches  + 22 inches Joker 105  =  53 cm + 48 cm    or     22 inches  + 20 inches Joker 100  =  50 cm + 46 cm    or     21 inches  + 19 inches Joker   95  =  48 cm  + 43 cm   or     19 inches  + 17 inches

Band lengths for Superelax 17,5 mm circular bands can be obtained by adding 3 to 5 cm  or 1 to 2 inches to previous measurements.

Any change in the gun setup, like the use of a single band or 3 bands, with shafts shorter or longer, or thicker or thinner,  compared to the ones suggested, may require rebalancing the gun. This is obtained by adding a small weight in the floats compartment or by removing part or all the floats. The floats that come with the speargun are cut in 5 and 10 cm lengths to allow fine adjustments of the balancing.

How to modify the gun’s length 1)    completely unscrew the 2 screws on the lower surface of the gun with the provided 5 mm Allen wrench. 2)    Remove the inner front barrel 3)    Place in the empty barrel the right amount of floats for the wished length as shown: 95 cm = no floats 100 cm = 5 cm float 105 cm = 10 cm float 110 cm = 15 cm float 4)    Insert the front barrel segment  and check that its screw holes are aligned with those on the rear barrel segment. Then reinsert the original screws without exerting too much pressure while tightening them.

How to change the bands 1)    using the provided 3 mm Allen wrench completely unscrew the screws on the rear part of the titanium muzzle and lightly the front ones. 2)    Rotate the titanium blades and replace the bands with the ones of the size you wish to use. Place the shorter band first and the  longer one upon it. 3)    After having realigned the titanium blades with the holes on the muzzle, insert and tighten the rear screws and tighten the front ones

Replace the shaft with the one whose length and diameter is compatible with the new length of the gun and bands and with the use we intend to have for that set up.

The shorter band will be pulled to the notch or fin nearer to the muzzle, while the longer one will go to the one farther away.


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