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BLUE Flap – HT (3)

C4 Blue Flap HT Carbon Freedivng Fins


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NEW Blue Flap HT version standard features:

• Hyper Tech high-tensile carbon fiber exclusive to C4 in the fin industry

• TR-50 “Big Square” Pre-Preg carbon fiber construction

• Much lower crisscrossing of the strands for high elastic return

• 35” Length x 8” Width (870x205mm)

• High gloss Finish

• DPC – Double Parabolic Curve

Footpocket options:
37-39 Spitfire
39-40 Stingray
41-42 Stingray
43-44 Stingray
45-46 Stingray
47-48 Stingray
49-50 Stingray

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