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Andre MidHandle Hybrid Carbon Teak Speargun


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ANDRE SPEARGUNS – MIDHANDLE HYBRID CARBON comes in three sizes 125, 135 or 145CM. We measure the speargun’s length from the middle of the mechanism to the middle of the band slots. 

Midhandle: The midhandle placement, gives you additional maneuverability. The mechanism and shaft sit at the end of the speargun allowing for more band stretch giving more power.

Hybrid Design: Three teak laminate layers on the Midhandle Hybrid for the rear section of the speargun give the weight and mass for control and the carbon fiber tube up front allows for less drag and quicker tracking. 

Rigging: All models come with a light weight 9/32 (or 7mm) shaft and two 5/8 inch power bands. This is the idea balance for the best accuracy. All models come fully rigged with mono shooting line, muzzle bungie and two 5/8 inch power bands. This mechanism will accept american or european shafts. This is a good option because it lets the user can purchase euro shafts that are less expensive. 

Optional Roller: The hybrid is like two guns in one…it can be rigged with a traditional band setup or easily converted to a roller speargun. Every Andre Hybrid comes with a stainless steel threaded bolt and band anchor to convert your new speargun to a roller speargun. Roller heads are sold separately. Contact us if interested!


125cm $675.00

135cm $685.00

145cm $695.00



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