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Andre Euro Enclosed Track 165 Blue Water Speargun

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Overall, one of the best balanced speargun models for blue water hunting. It has an ideal weight, size, and power. The cuddlefish shape allows the speargun to cut through the water effortlesssly. You will not even notice that you are carrying a blue water speargun. The Midhandle 165 is equip with a 3/8″ (24″ thread) shaft, a slip tip and five 5/8″ power bands. If you want the most powerful tuna-gun, this is it! The Midhandle 165 shoots straight as an arrow. This speargun has a tremendous effective shooting range of 29 feet. The Midhandle 165 is our longest stock at 66 inches to give you greater reach and more power. The mid-handle placement brings the speargun closer to the body and improves maneuverability. The shaft & mechanism sit further back on the Midhandle 165 to increase band pull and increase power. The spear track is ENCLOSED by a ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) composite track to guide the spear accurately down the barrel. The Enclosed Track allows you to power up on a speargun without loosing accuracy. The track keeps the shaft perfectly inline. The UHMW track has less resistancy on the shaft than wood and other materials and will increase the shaft’s velocity. This is an excellent speargun for fish like Dorado, Wahoo, and Tuna! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Experience the difference with your new Midhandle 165!

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