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Aimrite Super Venom Roller Speargun Railgun


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Aimrite’s Super Venom Roller differs from our Competition Carbon model by the barrel being built from a Carbon fiber and Kevlar weave. The integration of the Kevlar fibers significantly improves impact resistance and results in a truly robust railgun. The Competition’s barrel has a wall thickness of .078” (2mm). This reduces flex dramatically when under heavy power which in turn results in more energy transfer to the spear shaft and most importantly, a more accurate shot. The shaft rides atop Aimrite’s integral track which also adds strength and rigidity to the barrel. The Pro Competition is designed to accommodate heavier twin 5/8” (16mm) bands while firing the more rigid spring steel European notched shafts. Shaft sizes include 6.6, 7 and 7.5mm. This roller version provides greater band stretch and less recoil. 


Each gun is individually hand assembled and tested with all precision engineered Aimrite components. Guns come “ready to use”.

Upgrade your Venom with a new composite reel and 300lb dacron. Select the reel option with or without line when ordering. Prices include professional installation.

85cm: $749.00

95cm: $759.00

105cm: $769.00

115cm: $779.00

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