Aimrite Super Venom Carbon Speargun


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Venom Muzzle


Aimrite’s Pro Competitionrailgun differs from our Competition Carbon model by the barrel being built from a Carbon fiber and Kevlar weave. The integration of the Kevlar fibers significantly improves impact resistance and results in a truly robust railgun. The Competition’s barrel has a wall thickness of .078” (2mm). This reduces flex dramatically when under heavy power which in turn results in more energy transfer to the spear shaft and most importantly, a more accurate shot. The shaft rides atop Aimrite’s integral track which also adds strength and rigidity to the barrel. The Pro Competition is designed to accommodate heavier twin 5/8” (16mm) bands while firing the more rigid spring steel European notched shafts. Shaft sizes include 6.6, 7 and 7.5mm. Each gun is individually hand assembled and tested with all precision engineered Aimrite components. Guns come “ready to use”.

Upgrade your Venom with a new Rob Allen composite reel and 300lb dacron. Select the reel option with or without line when ordering. Prices include professional installation.

100cm: $615.00

110cm: $625.00

120cm: $635.00

130cm: $645.00

140cm: $655.00

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