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Adapter Kit 6mm to Headhunter Showstopper Tip

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If you already have a pole spear you love and you want the best possible slip tip for it, then look no further. the Headhunter 6mm adaptor kit allows you to use the showstopper tip system on any polespear that has a 6mm male thread(most brands). 

the kit comes with several components, the most important of which is the adapter.this adapter is fixed onto your spear’s 6mm thread. We recommend using a thread locker such as loctite to semi-permanently mount the adapter. Once it its on your spear, you now have the ability to use headhunter SHOWSTOPPER tips. Our replacable injector rods thread into this adapter and are secured in place with a 3/32″ hex key or surfboard fin key. 


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