Freediving Certification Course

We are offering Freediving Instructors International (FII) classes in Miami. The instructor will be a certified F.I.I instructor and spearfisherman, so you will be getting lessons from the best of both sides. Private courses are available upon request, simply give us a shout or email!

Upcoming Dates:
July 23rd-24th 2016
August 13th-14th 2016
August 27th-28th 2016
September 3rd-4th 2016
September 17th-18th 2016
October 1st-2nd 2016
October 15th-16th 2016

Tuition Cost:
$295.00 + Boat Fee $70.00

The class will consist of a one day classroom and pool session along with a one day open water session. The class will be held upstairs in the shop location, and the boat will depart from Monty’s Marina.
The course includes breathing techniques, physiology, safety, and diving techniques that will improve overall efficiency. The course price will include the book, private boat fee, instructor, and certification card.
Capacity is 8 students per class, please feel free to contact me to reserve your spot or if you have any concerns and want more details about the class. A deposit will be required to reserve your spot. Thanks and stay safe!

Freediving Instructors International: USA’s No1 freediving education program.

Freediving Instructors International (F.I.I) is one of the most widely respected and rapidly growing freediving educational programs across the globe. F.I.I prides itself on catering our programs to all levels: from the fascinated beginner to the dedicated professional.
Due to modern day lifestyle, our natural inborn aquatic abilities have become suppressed depriving us of our most rewarding natural asset. These interesting aquatic features can be brought to life through the experienced guidance of our enthusiastic F.I.I. instructors.
Founded by World Champion Freediver – Martin Stepanek, F.I.I’s core team of committed professionals work hard at presenting you with more than just an education program; we offer the opportunity for individuals to grow in their chosen directions, presenting root principles in developing the healthy lifestyle and self-discipline we all seek.

Founder and Director of Education and Development Martin Stepanek is without doubt one of the best freedivers in the world. Claiming 11 World Records – so far – in his competitive freediving career, he is capable of holding his breath for over 8 minutes, and has attained depths of 360 ft on a single breath of air.
Martin’s academic background follows a degree in Forestry Engineering with advanced studies in Sports-Biology at the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. A qualified deep sea commercial diver Martin has extensive experience in mixed gas diving, hyperbaric chamber operations and saturation diving. Martin is a certified Level B AIDA Judge-(International Development of the Association of Apnea) and also works with top researchers from Harvard and the Karolinsky Institutet on modern freediving and applied physiology studies.
Martin’s extensive experience and knowledge places him in the unique position to bring you one of the most comprehensive and cutting edge freediving educational systems available.